Wednesday QuickFix: Salmon and Veges




I love food but I hate spending more than half an hour in the kitchen. I hate googling for recipes because I never find some of the mentioned ingredients at the store.

Secondly, you know how writers at times have “writer’s block” well I can say at times or rather almost all the times I have “cooking block / cooks block / cookers block…..” whatever you want to name it. It is so frustrating especially when we have guests.

Hubby advised me to write down what I’m good at and try keep a small book where I can always refer. I think its an awesome idea so here I am. Sharing my 2cents on TinyMicia and decided to call it Wednesday QuickFix.

What you need for this QuickFix;
7.Cooking Cream [Low fat]
8.Salt and Pepper

You will be out of the kitchen in no time :-)

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With Love. TM

Sushi date in Vans




My mother has been around for a while and I’ve enjoyed visiting around with her. Last week we went to the mall and got Identical vans. I wore mine for the first time today and love the comfy feeling they give my feet..even the hubby noticed :-) . I can happily say I’m learning where to find what in Phnom Penh and I am in position to even do some shopping recommendations. It feels like home feeling is slowly kicking in.

Vans from Sovanna | Top from Dah Export | Shorts from Russian Market | Bag from Italy

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Easter Breakfast at Chocolat









Grandma, Munchkin and I went for breakfast at Chocolat and shopped for some easter goodies. Everything was so cute I spent at least 15minutes deciding which bunny to take home. Its true there is nothing easy in life :-)

Now we are waiting for Papa to come home tomorrow so that we can destroy all these goodies as a family as he shares his one month adventure in Bangui, Central African Republic


With Love. TM

Mommy’s diary






Last sunday I ditched our morning walk and decided to sit around our little garden and enjoy its beauty and the morning breeze. Roberto and I were having a great time bonding until I spotted a chameleon dangling on a branch….. and that was basically the end of our sunday retreat.

Our little prince is now 18weeks old and can sit by himself…but of course under surveillance. He has become very curious of his environment trying to reach out to everything he comes across and sucks on them. I enjoy breastfeeding and bathing him because we bond a lot through touch and me singing self composed songs that don’t make sense…in return he just smiles back and make those cute baby sounds. SIGH !

They say grandmothers are the best nannies ever, well its true ! My mamma is around and I can’t be grateful enough. She is of so much help both with the baby and the house. I love her to bits and the thought of her leaving in a couple of weeks already makes me sad mais c’est la vie

That said, I just want to thank you all for your kindness and friendship. It means a lot reading from some of you when I don’t post for a while. Blogging has brought amazing people in my life that I now call friends. God bless you abundantly.

With Love. TM

Shopping at BYSI Cambodia










When I first landed in Phnom Penh, I thought there were no decent stores, all I could see were the small retail shops along the city’s busy streets and of course the famous open Russian Market. My bargaining skills are bad and in Cambodia one has got to be really good at it which is literally frustrating for me. Price tags save time and make my life easier.

My first lesson learnt is, while exploring Phnom Penh one has got to be a little patient and more VIGILANT because rumour has it there are loads of bag snatchers out there. The other day my new Kenyan girlfriend had her Samsung S3 snatched out of her hand in broad daylight. One twisted her hand and the other took the phone, the mission was executed so smoothly she was like “WTH just happened?!” no time to even scream help. If you are Nairobian then you know how it feels to walk or drive along River road. Thats Phnom Penh for you ! Most streets here are exactly like River road.

On a mission to explore this charming country and discover all the hidden treasures and darkest corners, my first stop was BYSI Accessories on street 274. I’m always admiring BYSI display outfits and I have been on pins and needles itching to check out the store. They have an amazing collection of outfits for all ages, different occasions for both day and night. They have an array of brights, nudes, pastels, monochromatic, crazy cute prints….I mean, whatever your style, there is definitely something for everyone. The shop attendants are very sweet, professional and quite helpful. And here goes the best part, they have SALES at the moment.

Check it out:-
50 Preah Sihanouk Blvd,
Street 274 Phnom Penh.
Tel: +855 23 213 668

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Ankle booties and Short Shorts




For the 100th time, I love my weekends. I love spending the day with Kiko, playing house, catching up on the latest T.V series while having affogato al cafe…..and it just got even more fun with our little Roby in the picture. Bless my family, I can’t imagine life without my two boys.

Today mummy took out her booties and short shorts. I mean, nothing screams sassy like bare legs in ankle booties.

I hope you are all having a fab weekend. If you are not, I’m here sending you a big hug.

I’m wearing;
Embark Shorts from ODEL | Atmosphere Shirt from HOF | Bata Boots | Fossil Watch | Clutch from HOF | Gucci Eyewear Glasses

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La’or at Phnom penh Designers week









Last sunday I attended Phnom Penh Designers week, a three day event featuring nine designers, both local and international held at the beautiful Plantation Urban resort. It was a good opportunity to discover both local and international designers in Cambodia and mingle with other fashion enthusiasts.

I stumbled upon La’or on facebook and immediately fell in love with her simple elegant designs. Something I would comfortably wear to a cocktail party, an elegant dinner reception, even a wedding without looking too haute couture.  I can’t wait to visit her shop and see more of her work. Here are some of my favorite picks that evening.

…..and here is to discovering the fashion part of Cambodia.

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All white











-Hi Everyone-

I hope you all had a lovely week and a great start to the weekend. Mine was awesome and productive, I mean, With little Roby keeping us on our feet, Its impossible to have bad boring days nowadays

Today we decided to go for brunch at Sofitel, A beautiful hotel just a few blocks away from home. Sofitel has the best club sandwich I’ve ever tasted in a long time with just the right amount of each ingredient. We absolutely loved it.

My resolution for this year is to shop less from stores and more from my own closet. To start off are these Adidas sneakers that I bought three years ago and only wore them once.

-I’m Wearing-
Sweater from Odel | Tommy Hilfiger Shorts from Odel | Adidas Sneakers | Gifted Bag | Fossil Watch | Sunnies from Toi

A little blog update





Its been exactly two weeks since we got back to Phnom Penh. The 13hr flying time from Italy was too long and tiring but we made it in one piece and NO! we did not forget Roberto at the airport security check.

We love our new home in Phnom Penh and I’m enjoying setting up the house even if its tad challenging with Roberto who constantly wants mummy’s attention. I call him my new found clutch bag since he is always in my arms.

Today morning we went for a short walk around the neighbourhood and I was excited to bump into a Kenyan lady who lives a few blocks away from our house. The joys of having a homie in a foreign country ! It already feels like home.

With a post baby bump I’m still forced to wear baggy tops or simply have them untucked, but good news is I just joined team “bring your sexy back” and I can’t wait to be able to wear my old clothes.

H&M Skirt | Thrifted Top and Bag From House of Fashion | Mr.Price Balerinas | Glasses from Necini Sport

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,
With Love, TM.